“My St. Andrew’s family provides me with the spiritual strength for this journey called LIFE.” - Karen Souza


“We are a family of faith and

love Christ for he is our Savior.”

- Jim Clavell

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“As I’ve grown up, St. Andrew’s has taught me the true meaning of God’s love. Through service as an usher, camp counselor, Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich maker, etc., I’ve learned that we are Christ’s body in the world.”

- Dan Ashby



“We first attended St. Andrew’s to worship with our daughter and her family. We joined after finding how warm, welcoming, and faith-filled the people are. We have been invited to participate in a variety of ways -

St. Andrew’s has been a blessing for us!” - John & Judy Hinsch

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“Christ alive is about people-like the people of St. Andrew’s. We are a family of believers, workers, teachers and caregivers, both physically and spiritually. We are greatly empowered by the richness of our faith and the presence of the Word among us. We welcome, love, and minister to all, as Jesus taught us to do. Jim and I and our family are so blessed to have been workers in this community for so many years. This is what Christ alive and well today looks like.”

-Jim and Sue Boccio

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St. Andrew’s is my home away from home. I have grown so much in my faith through my passion for sharing Jesus’s love with children. I have been blessed a hundred fold through their eyes and their love of God. “

-Mary Fjellstad

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